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Frequently Asked Questions

Ayurveda is an Indian holistic healthcare system that balances mind, body, and spirit using natural remedies and techniques like yoga and meditation, whereas Homoeopathy, developed in the late 1700s by Dr Hahnemann in Germany, employs highly diluted substances from plants, animals, or synthetics based on the "like cures like" principle to stimulate the body's natural healing and restore balance.
As a homoeopathy medicine manufacturer, we aim to offer our customers the best advice. It should be understood that we cannot legally prescribe treatments for conditions requiring a doctor's supervision. We suggest seeing a licensed homoeopath who can fully assess your case and give you a tailored treatment plan. Getting the proper suggestion from a licensed homoeopath is the best approach for those using homoeopathic remedies.
Homeopathic medicines are generally safe to use and require minimal precautions. However, to ensure optimal effectiveness and avoid any potential interactions, consuming them on an empty stomach is recommended. You may dissolve the tablets in your mouth or swallow them with water. Please refrain from consuming strongly scented foods, perfumes, or scented products before and after taking the medicine. Additionally, storing these medicines in a cool, dry place that is away from direct sunlight, heat, radiation, and strong odours is advisable. It is important to note that refrigeration of homoeopathic drugs is not recommended.
Homeopathy provides a variety of remedies designed to promote optimal health. Single remedies, such as dilutions and mother tinctures, are tailored to treat a broad spectrum of conditions by addressing personalized symptoms. Conversely, the speciality products (offered by us) are formulated to deliver targeted relief for specific health issues.
Stay calm, report symptoms to a homoeopathic physician, instruct to drink fluids like water, record symptoms, and get timely intervention and proper care for significant health outcomes. Homoeopathy's holistic approach tailored remedies to your symptoms and constitution.
You can buy the medicines manufactured by us, from our official stores and other registered homoeopathy vendors. Even though prescriptions are not usually required, obtaining a prescription from a homoeopathic physician is highly recommended. Sometimes, a prescription from a registered homoeopathy practitioner may be necessary, particularly for specific health issues. To ensure their safe and effective use, obtaining a prescription from a qualified practitioner is crucial since these medicines have unique properties.
Homoeopathic medications are undoubtedly safe when taken as directed by a qualified practitioner. Homoeopathy practitioners are committed to adopting a holistic approach to treatment, which takes into account an individual's personality, lifestyle, genetic background, and comprehensive medical history. Since every person is unique, homoeopathic remedies are customized to suit the individual, resulting in different levels of effectiveness.
If you happen to forget to take your homoeopathic remedy, don't worry too much! It's best to stick to your regular schedule and not double the dose. Even if you miss a couple of days, it's typically not a big deal. With homoeopathy, Homeopathy use highly diluted substances that work in harmony with your body's natural healing processes, so a missed dose here and there won't mess up your treatment too badly.
Rest assured that our homoeopathic medicines are safe for consumption. However, for optimal results, they should be used in therapeutic doses or as prescribed by a registered homoeopathic doctor.
We want to inform our website users that all the necessary details regarding our homoeopathic medicines are provided on their respective web pages. We recommend that our users carefully read the product description before purchasing. However, if you require more personalized information, don't hesitate to contact us via email at [email protected] or call/WhatsApp us at +918777411013. We will be happy to assist you with your queries.
It is essential to adjust the dosage of the indicated homoeopathy medicine based on the patient's age.
Mother Tinctures are extracts made from herbs, animals or minerals. They use a specific recipe that usually contains 1 gram of the source substance per 10ml of tincture. The extracts are created using an appropriate solvent, usually a particular alcohol percentage, to extract the soluble and active parts. While these tinctures are mostly made from plants, chemical and animal sources are sometimes used. Dr Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homoeopathy, created guidelines for preparing these tinctures back in the day, but some of his recommendations have been changed since then. Homeopathic pharmacopoeias have set the guidelines for preparing Mother Tinctures, ensuring that the active ingredients are stable, soluble, and extractable. These extracts can be directly prescribed or used as base materials for further homoeopathic dilutions.
Dilutions are specific remedies used in classical homoeopathy. They are derived from mother tinctures and are pretty potent. Most dilutions are made directly from the mother tincture by combining it with distilled water and alcohol. The first potency combines one part of the mother tincture with either nine or ninety-nine parts of distilled water and alcohol. It is important to note that mother tinctures primarily function at the physiological level, providing rapid symptom relief. However, they may not offer a complete cure. But don't worry, potentised medicines work at a dynamic level and offer the potential for a more lasting resolution of ailments.
A German physician, Wilhelm Schüssler (1821-1898), developed the "Biochemic" healing system. Later on, Dietrich Schöpwinkel expanded the system. Bio-chemics or Schüssler's salts consist of 12 tissue salts that promote the functioning of different body systems and organs while addressing various health issues. Schüssler initially used these salts in homoeopathic medicine in the 19th century. The salts are a combination of specific minerals tailored for multiple diseases. They support the body's health and healing mechanisms by regulating mineral levels within the cells.
Burnett Research Laboratory is a respected homoeopathy organization with nearly thirty years of experience producing high-quality medicinal products. Our commitment to improving the quality and effectiveness of our medicines is unwavering. We hold the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification, highlighting our dedication and setting us apart from competitors. We carefully select genuine herbal sources and use high-quality extra-neutral alcohol, ensuring our products meet the highest purity standards. We also strictly maintain air quality control and follow the methods prescribed by the Indian Pharmacopoeia for producing homoeopathic medicines. These rigorous practices establish Burnett Research Laboratory as a leading company in the Indian market, and we are proud of the quality of our products.
We kindly ask our website users to note that under the Drug Rule, any homoeopathic medicines containing over 12% alcohol must be sold only in physical medical stores in quantities exceeding 30ml. Consequently, our online sales are directed towards end users, so we cannot offer 100ml dilutions and mother tinctures through our website.
You can get Burnett Research Laboratory’s medicines from our website, which is www.burnettresearchlab.com
We appreciate your question. Let us help you. If you go to the home page of our website, www.burnettresearchlab.com, you will find a search box at the top of the homepage. You can search by medicine name or disease type.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Please be aware that our medicines are available only in India. We cannot accept responsibility for any issues arising if our products are purchased and sent outside of India, as we have no control over these actions. However, we are actively working to expand our availability and are pleased to announce that Bangladesh will be our first export destination.